Friday, March 21, 2014

NEW: 2014 Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Eye Shadow Swatches

Long time no see, everyone!

I figured the best way to make a "bang" coming back is to show you guys the new Sugarpill eye shadows that are due this year. Now, they aren't released on their website nor most web shops from the looks of it. I acquired mine locally at Nigel's Beauty Emporium and snagged them up as soon as I saw them! This is as wearable as Sugarpill is going to get (for now).

 There are four beautiful colors, part of the Sparkle Baby collection. I am unsure of the official release date for them, but let me tease you some, yes?

I did not see a palette with all four shades per usual Sugarpill collection-releasing, but they did have the shades individually. Lets take a look at these beauties:

Sugarpill Kitten Parade
First, we have Kitten Parade which is my favorite from all four. My kitten seems to think so too since he gouged my eye shadow when I got around to using it!

This is a peachy coral with gold shimmer flecks. Contains a metallic finish. Applies smooth as buttah.

Sugarpill Candy Crush

Next, we have Candy Crush. It is a metallic light blue with ice blue flecks. Has the same metallic finish and buttery soft texture of Kitten Parade.
Sugarpill Hotsy Totsy
 Sugarpill also released two matte-ish shades for the collection.

First one of the two is Hotsy Totsy, a hot pink with a hint of magenta. It has subtle glitter in it; nothing chunky a la Urban Decay. Again, it has the matte eye shadow base, so it isn't super smooth like the two metallics in the collection. It is slightly powdery as well.

Sugarpill Frostine

Lastly, we have Frostine, a matte lilac shade with very understated shimmer. You can only see it if you look closely at the pan. This one feels more satin than matte.

I find the name strange for this one. I would've found that if this and Candy Crush would've swapped names, then it would be more fitting to the colors. Whatever floats Shrinkle's boat I guess! I have no complaints as long as I get my eyes shadow, dang it!

And of course, le swatches:

L-R: Kitten Parade, Candy Crush
L-R: Hotsy Totsy, Frostine

How do you feel about this collection? Do you see yourself picking it up once it's released in its entirety?

Available at Nigel's Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood. 3.5g/.12 oz @ $12USD
xo Renee

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